Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus Review

The prerequisites for 15-458/858B include courses or other past experience in linear algebra and vector calculus. However, we realize that for many of you it may have been a while since you studied this material. The worksheets below provide optional practice for those who wish to brush up on their skills. To emphasize again: this material is purely for your own review; it is not a required assignment, nor will it be graded. You may also wish to review this material from time to time during the semester (e.g., when we study exterior calculus).

[Linear Algebra Review]
[Vector Calculus Review]

Please email us if you’d like to see the solutions! (We keep these solutions private so they can be re-used for other classes in future years.)

3 thoughts on “Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus Review”

    1. Sorry this has taken so long—the issue is that the exercises (and their solutions) were randomly generated, and we can’t track down the random seed! So I re-generated a set of exercises and corresponding solutions, and emailed you the solutions (we also use these for the Computer Graphics class, where they are graded, so I don’t want to give away all the answers in a public forum :-)).

      The fact that the constants are different is probably annoying since you’ve already worked out the solutions with the original set of constants. But on the other hand, all the solutions are all worked out step-by-step, so this should still be useful if you want to see how to solve the problems (especially for more conceptual exercises). Sorry for the trouble!

      (Anyone else who wants solutions, please email us.)

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