Reading 6 – Generalized Winding Numbers


For the next reading assignment, you should take a (brief!) look at the paper

Jacobson et al, “Robust Inside-Outside Segmentation using Generalized Winding Numbers.”

This paper provides a nice example of how simple geometric observations can lead to very practical algorithms for mesh processing.  The goal of this reading is not to understand every detail of the algorithm, but rather to get a sense of

  1. What is the practical problem the authors are trying to solve?
  2. What is a winding number?
  3. How did the authors generalize this notion of winding number, and how does it help them solve the practical problem?

As always, Wikipedia is your friend.

Submission: As usual, please send an email to and no later than 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 11th including the string DDGSpring2016 in your subject line.  Your email for readings should always include:

  1. a short (2-3 sentence) summary of what you read, and
  2. at least one question about something you found confusing / interesting / incomplete / not addressed.