Assignment 5

Assignment 5 is now available! There is no standalone document for this assignment, just a code skeleton in the class repository and section 8.1 of the class notes. You do not need to submit the exercises in the text, only the programming component. This assignment will be due at 11:00 pm on March 28th. The submission guidelines are identical to the previous assignments. Electronic submissions are preferred (cc’ing both and

As with the previous assignments, a code skeleton is now present in the course repository, which you should download and modify. Note that the core library has also been updated, so you will need to re-download (or git pull, if you’re using git) the entire repository. The skeleton in contains empty methods in which you will implement your solution, all of your modifications must be between the lines which say BEGIN YOUR CODE and END YOUR CODE. Some of the function names referenced in section 8.1 of the text might not perfectly align with the codebase; don’t worry about this, just fill out the skeleton code. To submit the coding portion, email us your modified copy of the file

Additionally, include in your email a paragraph or two commenting on the results of this assignment. If your implementation is successful, analyze the results and comment on why they make sense. If you do not have faith in your results, comment on what appears to be wrong and what may be the cause.

3 thoughts on “Assignment 5”

  1. In section 8.1 of the notes, it mentions that system solvers ‘solvePositiveDefinite’ and ‘solveSquare” are provided that we can use. Are these indeed provided? If so, how should they be called? (they were not found when I tried to call them)

    1. @Slav, I’m not using these two methods. I just use scipy.sparse.linalg.spsolve to solve the problem. It’s usually pretty fast.

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