Final Presentation Schedule

The schedule of final project presentations can be found below. Note that we’re on a pretty tight schedule (with just one minute to switch between presenters), so please make sure to have your talk ready to go before the end of the preceding presentation. If possible, you should coordinate with other students in your session to run your presentation off the same computer. The classroom should have a VGA and HDMI hookup; if you do not have a laptop that you can use to run your presentation, and you can’t sort something out with a classmate, please contact Nick about possible alternatives.

The schedule was carefully and thoughtfully constructed by calling the RandomSample[] method in Mathematica. If you absolutely cannot present on this date, please let us know no later than Sunday evening so that we have time to negotiate a swap with one of the other students. (In this situation it is especially helpful if you can find a friend willing to make the swap!)

Tuesday, April 26

  • 12:00—Yu
  • 12:11—Kirov
  • 12:22—Liu
  • 12:33—Shearer
  • 12:44—Bern
  • 12:55—Li
  • 1:06—Brakensiek

Thursday, April 28

  • 12:00—Han
  • 12:11—Kaffine
  • 12:22—Daids
  • 12:33—Yuan
  • 12:44—Soliman
  • 12:55—Su

[If somehow you don’t see your name on this list, please let us know ASAP!]