Wrapping Up

A few notes about our final class:

  • The “final” will be this Friday, May 6 from 8:30–11:30am in GHC 4215.  Note that this room is different from our usual classroom.
  • You will each have no more than 10 minutes to show off your final project (or 20 minutes for teams of two).  You will not be graded on the presentation (as you were last week), but should clearly demonstrate what you did in your project—or explain what went wrong!
  • You should also email any project-related materials (code, proofs, etc.) to Nick and I before the beginning of class on Friday.  Basically we want to push you to be done before you enter the room, so that you can stay actively engaged in your classmates’ projects.

Also a couple notes about your final writeup:

  • Most of you have received feedback about your writeup and final presentation; if not, you should see it shortly.
  • Based on this feedback, you have an opportunity to receive additional credit (achieving up to 100% of the full grade for the writeup portion of the final project) by submitting a revised version no later than 11:00pm on Tuesday, May 10 2016.

(There is of course an obvious reason we didn’t tell you about the second bullet point ahead of time: had we told you, then it would be logical to compromise on the quality of the initial draft and try to make up the points later.  Revealing this information post-submission ensures that everyone takes the initial assignment seriously!)

Finally, we would like to make your projects available for students in future years (either publicly or privately)—more information to come.