Running the course remotely

Hi all,

Hope you are all well and, to the extent possible, out of harm’s way. Just wanted to give an update on how the course will be run remotely through the rest of the semester. The good news is that most everything is already run digitally, so there’s not much that will need to change. A few notes:

  • Lectures.  We’ll be providing lectures via YouTube; lecture videos will be posted prior to the regularly scheduled class time.
  • Assignments. No change here: please follow the same procedure for handing in assignments; we will continue to provide feedback digitally.
  • Readings. Same story here: we will assign readings through the website, and collect responses via email.
  • Office hours. Office hours will be run via Zoom, at the currently scheduled dates/times.  We’ll send out links to the Zoom sessions for the two TAs over email.  Also, since I won’t be able to answer your questions during lecture, I’ll be adding office ours (date and time TBD).  Hopefully everyone will be able to attend at least one of the office hour sessions, but we’ll adjust as needed (e.g., if folks are having trouble with shifted time zones).

Finally, the due date for the next assignment has been shifted by a few days, since I know relocation will be challenging for a lot of people.  In particular, Assignment 2 (both written and coding) will now be due on Sunday, 3/22.

Thanks for your patience, and please don’t hesitate to email us or leave comments here if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Keenan, Daniel, and Alex

Welcome to Discrete Differential Geometry! (Spring 2020)

Welcome to the website for 15-458/858 (Discrete Differential Geometry).  Here you’ll find course notes, lecture slides, and homework (see links on the right).

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  • You can include mathematical notation in your questions using standard $\LaTeX$ syntax.  For instance, when enclosed in a pair of dollar signs, an expression like dollar\int_M K dA = 2\pi\chidollar gets typeset as $\int_M K dA = 2\pi\chi$.
If you encounter any problems while trying to use the website, please contact the TA (listed under the course description).