Assorted things about homework

  1. Here’s a piece of advice for assignment 1 which I forgot to put in the original post: You can compute the ratio of dual edge lengths to primal edge lengths using the cotan formula, which can be found on Slide 28 of the Discrete Exterior Calculus lecture, or in exercise 36 of the notes (you don’t have to do the exercise for this homework).
  2. I just emailed out grades for assignment 0. If you have questions or concerns about your graded assignment, or if you did not receive a graded assignment, please feel free to email me or to talk to me during office hours.
  3. Very few people have been attending my office hours on Fridays, so I am moving my office hours to be 2:30pm-4pm on Monday afternoons. They will still be held outside of Smith 232.
  4. If you would like to see solutions for assignment 0, we will bring some printed copies to class on Tuesday. I can also print you solutions if you stop by during office hours.

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